I'm very happy and priviledged to be involved with the Yamaha Corporation as a saxophone Artist/Clinician and to be playing, and endorsing, their 82Z "Custom" Mark II design tenor saxophone and their 875EX "Custom" design alto saxophone. These horns are truly the Yamaha designs I prefer, and I love playing, and, are some of the top professional horns on the market.....DO check it out if you are in the market.


I'm also very happy and priviledged to be involved with BG Woodwind Products based in Lyon, France and to be using their BG "Flex" design ligature, and their BG Mesh sax neck and mouthpiece protector (and a handful of other items as well). BG has such an extensive catalogue of fantastic products for wind instruments, I just want to keep trying them out and using them!!

I'm a "newfound" believer in, and Artist for, these mouthpieces. The Theo Wanne "Durga" and "Shiva" mouthpieces I use are the most "free blowing" that I have ever tried. I thought I was going to be playing my other tenor mouthpiece for a looooong time, but "Theo Wanne" has swayed me and I am VERY pleasently surprised with what these things can do. Highly recommended!!

I am very pleased and honoured to be a Saxophone Artist for this French reed company (the 3rd largest on the planet). Made with some of the finest cane located in the "Var" region of Southern France, these reeds are being used by some heavy players in their respective countries around the world. For me, it's "Marca Jazz" (filed or unfiled) type reeds. Marca Reeds are distributed in Canada through "Elvy Sound Solutions" in Gravenhurst, Ontario and can be found at St. John's Music stores. Marca's CEO, Nicolas Righi is an awesome guy, and they are a fantastic company to be associated with. :)

This company was such a great find for me (Thanks Bryan Vance @ Theo Wanne!!). Based in Amsterdam, SD Systems microphones are so easy and effortless to work with, they are truly "plug and play". The first time I used mine (The wireless LCM89W model), my soundman was blown away by how easy it was to handle. Plug it in, get a level, and no EQ necessary. These mics are designed specifically for horns and for ease of use, and, the quality and clarity of the sound they reproduce is fantastic. It has about a half-mile range on it too (a nice touch). I met Serge Schrier (The President of SD Systems) at the 2018 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. He is a super nice guy and he really knows his stuff. These mics can fit any musical setting.

Please stop by and check out the homepage of Calgary's premier big band orchestra and jazz ensemble. This group has over 500 charts in it's library ranging from the hits of the "Swing Era" to modern compositions by the top contemporary jazz composers. It's a pleasure to play and "hang" with such a great bunch of musicians every week.


Chicago based drummer/percussionist Paul Wertico (from the Pat Metheny Group....1983-2001) is a featured guest drummer on the CD: La Zona Blanca and is a real treat to work with as well as being a real class act. La Zona Blanca was the first time I had the pleasure of working with him and I hope it won't be the last. Paul has a very complete homepage on which you will find his concert listings, biography, discography, equipment he uses and endorses, interviews etc.


Previously based in Los Angeles and now living near Albuquerque New Mexico, trumpet/flugelhornist Bobby Shew is a featured guest on the CD: La Zona Blanca. I am privileged to have known Bobby for over 25 years now, and he is a "world class" artist and person, and is very devoted to jazz education throughout the world. Bobby's page contains much information about him including: tour schedule, biography, discography, sound bytes, press clippings etc.


This is the homepage of Toronto tenor saxophonist Kirk MacDonald, one of Canada's premier jazz artists, 1999 "Juno Award" winner, and someone who I was also fortunate enough to have been able to include on my CD along with Bobby Shew and Paul Wertico. Kirk's site has a whole bunch of information about him and what he's up to. This guy is definitely worth checking out.


Another one of my favorite contemporary drummers on the scene. This guy is serious!! Peter has played with everyone (just about) and continues to be the driving force behind many groups and projects. He's a great person and just a "ridiculous" musician (and he writes too!!). His website has plenty of information about him and what he's up to......stop by and check it out.


One of my favorite contemporary tenor sax players from New York, now relocated to Los Angeles. This guy is a tremendous artist and musician and Grammy Award winner......a "must" to check out, as a soloist or with "The Yellowjackets". He's a great person to hang with and a treat to listen to everytime!!


If you're looking to check out any heavy "west coast" saxophonists, it would be a big mistake to not check out Bob Sheppard. If he's not on the road with Boz Scaggs or Steeley Dan or who knows who else, he's got his own thing going.....and it's VERY cool. This guy can PLAY!!


Unfortunately, we lost Michael in early 2007 which was a huge blow to the contemporary jazz scene. Honestly, you CAN'T talk about "contemporary tenor players" and not mention this guy's name. Michael had played with almost everyone.....think I'm wrong? Check out the size of his "discography" on this site!! Rest in peace, Mike.


It saddens me greatly to say that in March of 2016, George lost his battle with leukemia. I was VERY fortunate to be able to say that George was a dear friend for a number of years and a former teacher of mine (when we could get time). George was originally from Geneva, Switzerland, a former student of Phil Woods and Bob Mintzer, and toured all over the world with artists such as trumpeters Tom Harrell and Clark Terry, as well as Phil Woods and pianist Kenny Barron. Over and above the fact that this guy "could play his ass off", you'd be hard pressed to find a finer human being on this earth. Rest in peace George, you are missed more than you will ever know.


This is the homepage of trumpeter Jeff Jarvis. On top of being an "in demand" musician, performer, and educator, Jeff is "Director of Jazz Studies" at California State University Long Beach, a "staff writer" for, Kendor Music Publications as well as an "Artist/Clinician" for the Yamaha Musical Instrument Company. Jeff is a cool human-being, and a sincere pleasure to hang with and to listen to.

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