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May 29, 2017

Oh Hey,

Thanks for stopping by!! Please check out my posted gig dates :) (if you may be so inclined and are in the area). Come visit me on "Faceplant"......ahhhh......I mean "Facebook" if you are on there.

- Had a great trip down to Anaheim, California to attend the NAMM Show 2017, and was able to finally meet some key people that I have wanted to meet/see for some time now, namely Franck Bichon and Juan Garijo from BG Woodwind Products (France), Theo Wanne and Bryan Vance from Theo Wanne Mouthpieces and Saxophones, and Kathleen Stokholm from Counterpoint Music in Markham, Ontario (BG Products distributors for Canada), and a former tour mate from over two decades ago, now a very "in demand" sax soloist and session player, Charles McNeil....all important people to me. Besides Charles McNeil, I endorse these folk's products, and, their products are an integral part of what I do and are of very high quality, so I hold them in high regard, not just for the fact that I enjoy using their products constantly and consistantly, but also because they have the belief in me to be an artist / endorser / spokesperson for their products as well. I hold those relationships in very high regard, as well as with the folks at Yamaha Canada, of whom I also saw a few of while in Anaheim. As well, getting the chance to meet Marcus Miller and hear him "up close and personal" was very cool, seeing Don Braden and Ernie Watts again, who I really hadn't seen much since I was with Julius Keilwerth saxophones, seeing and speaking with, Bob Mintzer again, although a very short visit it was, Sandro Massulo and Tom Gould from Massulo Music in Vancouver, B.C., who are now North American distributors for Trevor James saxophones, and my good buddy from MANY moons ago, Greg Prior, who is a Southern Ontario rep for Coast Music Distributors. I think I'll put NAMM 2018 on my radar too. :)

- I'm proud to announce that I have just signed on as an artist/endorser for the "Marca Reed Company" based in the "Var Region" of Southern France. It is truly humbling to know that this company as well as Yamaha, BG Music Products, and Theo Wanne have the confidence and belief in me to be part of their artist rosters....I am VERY grateful. :)

- I have resurrected my blog, and you can find it HERE. Not sure how often I will end up posting on it, but........

- Lastly, catch me on Facebook HERE, and on Twitter HERE

Take care everyone, and always look for the "nice" notes,

Pat B.